Nishat Linen – The #1 Choice For The Fashion Conscious Ladies!

Originating from Pakistan, Nishat Linen takes utmost pride in being renowned as one of the biggest fashion and textile houses from Pakistan. As part of our promise to continually deliver top quality clothing to our customers, we have strived hard to expand our operations and now, we are proud to present our collection of world class clothing across 11 stores in the UAE. Whether you are interested in purchasing a Jalabiya in Dubai, or wish to wish get your hands on a beautiful kurta for women, you can easily choose one from our extensive collection, both in store and online.

Top Quality Design Options For Women – That’s What We Offer

Nishat Linen is committed to delivering top of the line design options that are the perfect pick for women of all ages. We pursue a design ethic that is accessible to all. For our UAE audience, we present a special collection that blends in Middle Eastern traditions with the Pakistani culture. Whether you are interested in our stitched dresses, or wish to purchase unstitched fabric, you are sure to find yourself getting mesmerized by our designs. Our range of fabrics and dresses is designed with women of all segments of life in mind. From the fashion conscious working woman looking for a dress with Western elements, to the style focused house wife interested in Eastern wear, we are here to cater to all sorts of fashion needs. Starting from ready to wear Kurtas, to trousers, scarves, unstitched fabric and accessories, to an entire range of Middle Eastern Jalabiyas, we’ve got it all. We also offer a line of Fusion wear renowned for its perfect blend of Eastern and Western elements.

Take Your Pick Now!

No matter if you are interested in shopping at one of our outstanding stores or wish to shop from the comforts of your home through our website, we bring you the breathtaking colors of the East and ensure that cultural values are perfectly merged into all our designs and ideas. Whatever your fashion requirements, you can rest-assured that we offer something that will surely appeal to your mind and heart. For more details about our product line, get in touch with us through our online contact form or give us a call at +971 528250956.

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